Clock Movement
Aiming at a customer all over the world
The quartz clock movement of high accuracy and the high quality is supplied.
It is made from the radical of the quality control that an advanced high-precision processing technology and the latest electronics technology are consolidated and the product corresponding to needs in the age is high.
Developing the quartz made of its company clock movement is built into, and the product suitable for the market trend is offered.
Health appliances with healthy knowhow and miniaturization technology cultivated from the high-precision processing technologies of the clock parts were made up.
Transmission substrate
An electro technology the latest from the substrate design to the mounting substrate production with COB (onboard the chip) is accumulated, and the reliability technology cultivated by a longtime clock processing technology is consolidated.
Radio controlled watch movement
The analogue clock movement that can be corrected at time of building into the radio controlled watch that displays Japan Standard Time (JST) by receiving highly accurate time information from standard frequency transmission (JJY) that telecommunication research mechanism (NICT) manages is developed, and manufactured.
Engine hour meter
The electromagnetic radiation signal generated in the sparking plug of the gasoline engine is taken, and the engine rotational speed and the engine driving adjusting time are displayed in LCD digitally.